Mark Group Guarantee

We design, build and install quality high output and reliable solutions at fair prices that deliver great value for many years. Our promise is that we will plan a system that is approved by you every step of the way before installation begins and that we will educate and partner with you through the entire process.


Our approach is beyond the one product solution. We take a consultative approach to understanding the outcomes you are wanting to achieve for your project.


Our accredited team of designers will take into account your roof and environmental conditions to maximise the output potential of your solution.


Mark Group is Australia’s No.1* installer of rooftop solar systems. We train installers in our own Mark Academy and we take responsibility for all our installations with a 10-year workmanship warranty.(*


We provide the peace of mind of a single point of contact for all warranty requests. We have direct partner relationships with all our manufacturers, which includes local warehousing to fast track response times.

Reduce your electricity bill

  • Renewable energy

    Advances in solar power technology are giving you great control over your power bill now and increasingly into the future.

  • Warming and Cooling

    Electric heaters and air conditioners are expensive to run. But watch out also for gas heaters. Gas prices are now rocketing up to match the cost of electricity.

    Talk to us about our natural wind powered cooling and warming solution. It has an operating cost from just $35 per year.

    Check your roof insulation. If it’s older than 6 years, it’s most probably under rated to current standards and possibly degraded. It will need a top up. Talk to us about our insulation top-up service.

  • Energy Efficient Appliances

    Your old 10 year plus appliances are burning a hole in your household budget. Get rid of that old fridge in your garage. It could be accounting for up to 20 per cent of your power bill!

  • Behavioural Change

    Watch out for appliances on standby. When not in use for a long stretch turn off TVs, microwaves, and chargers for wireless phones and electric toothbrushes. Consider intelligent power point or power box adaptors.

Take the first step

The path to fortifying your future.

Make an appointment with an energy efficiency expert to:


1) Determine the suitability of your home for solar.

  • How much power can your roof produce?
  • How much do you need now? In a few years?

2) Learn how you can reduce the amount of electricity your home consumes. You may not need as much solar as you think.

Mark Group Power Cost Management Plan


Get a complimantary home assessment from our qualified consultants

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Why Mark Group?

Mark Group are the energy saving experts. We follow best practice and take a whole of house approach to reducing your power bill. We offer a complete service from advice, design, installation through to support. As one of the more experienced and larger installers in Australia, we can help you achieve the biggest cost savings.

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